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Curt-Sandig-Haus │ Dormitory!



Welcome to the Curt-Sandig-Haus dormitory! The undenominational Curt-Sandig-Haus, short CSH, is a student dormitory, with its low rental price of 230 Euro a month, an active community and a great community spirit, making it a one of a kind dorm. The dorm’s semester program is very versatile, ranging from the obligatory parties to the dorm’s own soccer team to salsa classes, there is something for everyone to enjoy! Furthermore because of the self￾administration given by the landlord of the dormitory the residents cooperate in the decision of who is going to move into the dormitory. You can find us in Gaußstraße 18, only a couple of minutes from the city center, university and college. Are you interested in moving in? Great! Then we are looking forward to your application!

With best wishes from the residents of Curt-Sandig-Haus

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